Peter Nugent's Spectral Templates

Last Revised: July 3, 2024

Ok, I am still working on this page.... templates are here, in various states of disarray. Basic format for the templates are: time (days), lambda(Angstroms), f_lambda(in arbitrary units).You can do this yourself, though it is a major pain. I have gotten good at it over the past few years. Basically it is an art. Careful attention needs to be paid to both the spectroscopic reduction, getting the UV right, looking at some spectrum synthesis models when there are no observations at the epoch/wavelength you want, and knowing where you can get away with interpolation/extrapolation. Most all of the data I used to make these templates is available at SUSPECT, a database I only wish I had when David Branch, Adam Fisher and I started looking at correlations between SN Ia spectra in the very early 1990's. I strongly encourage everyone involved in this game to use it, cite it, and dump your spectra there once they become public.

time is set to 0.0 at the explosion, and f_lambda is now scaled so that it is 0.0 at peak V-band magnitude. I have also included a lightcurve file for each template. Sometimes they are just in B or V, sometimes UBVRIJHK. For the IIn's they include the effective temperature. Instead of being set by the explosion date, they are usually set so they peak in B or V at day 0.0.

Warning to the user: Please use these carefully for doing anything like K-corrections for rates, cosmology, whatever. Understand what you are doing. Read my K-corrections and Extinction Corrections for Type Ia Supernovae paper to get an understanding of what is involved. It is easy to get messed up and I have to go back to the paper frequently to remind myself how to do things right. At the very minimum you will need some piece of code to warp the templates to get the color to be what you want at any given epoch and another piece of code to interpolate between epochs. I have left things usually in some unextinguished form (though SNe like Ib/c rarely have no extinction) so be forewarned. Also remember to check the revision history.

Please let me know if you find any problems.